Monday, July 13, 2009

A Fairy Tale Ending

Sometimes the knight in shining armor is a lady in blue, but the distressed party falls in love with his rescuer all the same. Captain Dianna Burrow, who in May saved Rux from near death, is now his lawful keeper, after a Hamilton County General Sessions Court awarded custody of the abused dog to McKamey Animal Shelter last Wednesday. Today life is good for Rux. At age nineteen weeks, he now tips the scales at a strapping thirty-six pounds and has lost his first puppy tooth. I found him to be a sporting tug-of-war partner. "He likes to watch TV," says Captain Burrow of her new best friend. The celebrity couple have drawn a crowd at the drive-through coffee window and are planning a honeymoon tour of area schools this fall to educate youth about animal cruelty and to dispell myths of pit bull behavior. Anyone wishing to support their cause may give 'Rux Bucks' here.

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