Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dog Days at Greenlife

Something tells me I'm going home with these people ; )

Need a cat?

No, thank you.

Not for you....

...unless your name is Labradoodle.

A wet terrier is not pleased.



  1. Great pictures! I was the chef with the doggie treats upstairs:) I wanted to tell you that I am also an artist...and I just got done with a piece I made for Normal Park school. It is a dalmation sculpture named Booker for the first graders in Mrs.Zeigler's room. Her room was made over this summer in a backyard theme and Booker sits nexts to a giant dog house where the kids can read inside. Might be a cool photo op...

  2. sorry I missed this event. looks like everydog had a grand old time

  3. JcV-Yes, Booker would make a great photo op and we live nearby.

  4. My heart is melting at that little dog in the first two photos....and my tummy is grumbling at those treats-so were they for doggies or humans, Cameron?

  5. Only for the dogs, though how the baker resisted nibbling is unknown....