Thursday, September 10, 2009

Petsmart National Fall Adopt-A-Thon

In another time and place, I was fortunate to be part of a group photography show. Opposite the gallery is the local humane society. While we had been talking about bringing a dog into our home, no plan had formed that morning when I felt compelled to cross the street. Yes, our lives were about to be transformed by a Westie taken into their shelter only an hour before my visit. Somehow the former owners and this dog had failed one another, but we and Biscuit have made a success seven years running.

This weekend, PetSmart and McKamey are offering the same bargain. Healthy cats and dogs will be available at PetSmart on 5591 Highway 153. For each adoption, $25 goes to McKamey. Dogs are $100 and cats, $40, so stop by Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons and get some furry love of your own.


  1. Biscuit is the most gorgeous Westie, Cameron!! AND it is obvious someone loves the camera ;-)

  2. One of my friend's in Australia has just got a new Westie puppy! Her name is Issy and I have seen photos- she is beautiful. She is sister to Maddie (another Westie) and Tessa (a border collie).